Question on coupon for Bridal show next weekend!!!

So I have the coupon fron the book for free ticket for bride and groom plus $2 off tickets for others for May 2nd show in plainfield. 

I tried to register but there is no coupon code on this ticket and thats all it ask for on the site... hoe do I get mine free and the disc. on the other 4 tickets?

I tried to search for code but no luck...  anyone know??


Re: Question on coupon for Bridal show next weekend!!!

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    its okay in all honesty all the shows are actually free, just register and when it asks for your payment info, dont put it (make sure you put you are the bride! on a previous question) orrrr you could just show up and give them the coupon, which you dont even need, just tell them you are the bride. done & done. and i love serendipity i think i will choose that for m venue spot!!
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    Thanks, the only thing is I need to buy 4 addition ticket...??
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