No DJ..other ideas?

We are having a small wedding..we actually decided on a bed and breakfast with a beautiful outdoor location with a great indoor backup...The area we are eating dinner is not particulary conducive to DJ's. However, we had talked about not having one anyway...Any ideas on other entertainment ideas..DO you think a dj is necessary?

Re: No DJ..other ideas?

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    You could alwyas have some dinner music playing in the background from cd's or ipod. Is the area just too small? Can they be some where else and pipe music in?
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    We're using my laptop to arrange playlists for the different segments of the reception: dinner, cake cutting, dancing, etc.  Most party rental places will rent out speakers, microphones, and mixing boards.  Have a friend keep an eye on things and you're golden!
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    I like the idea in the PP... a friend of mine did that... and then after dinner she also had a karaoke hour. People LOVED it and everyone danced while people sang. It's not everyone's thing, but if you're into it, it could be fun!
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