Beautiful Church for Ceremony in Indy

Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a church for my ceremony near the Broad Ripple area. I grew up in Greenwood and went to a church down there, but want something closer to my reception venue.

Also, does anyone know how it works when you get married in a church you're not a member of? Are you allowed to bring in your own pastor? And if it's a Catholic church and you're not Catholic, are you allowed to get married there?

Thanks so much!


Re: Beautiful Church for Ceremony in Indy

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    vicki0508vicki0508 member
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    If neither the bride or the groom, or their parents are members of the church you can probably still get married there, it will just cost more.  Contact the church to make sure.

    Different churches have different rules about who can come in and be a pastor, so I think you'd have to check with the church.

    FWIW, I've been to a wedding where the pastor was not the pastor at that church, and I've been to a wedding in a Catholic church where the bride was catholic but the groom was not. 
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    purdueamandapurdueamanda member
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    We got married at Northminster Presbyterian Church off of Kesler Blvd and really enjoyed our experience there.  We worked with pastor Ruth and she was really great to work with.

    If you get married at a church where you're not members, more than likely you'll just have to pay a higher price, that's what we did.  Some churches do have weird rules like they'll only allow for 2 weekends of the month for non members or you can only book 6 months out if your a non member, etc.  So just check with the church directly for it's policies. 
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    St. Joan of Arc is absolutely beautiful! It is a catholic church, but non-catholic weddings can be held there.
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