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Hi, I am from Terre Haute and having my wedding/reception in Greenwood. I was wondering what the typical price of Hair Salons are for the whole wedding party. I haven't called anyone in greenwood yet...any suggestion of who I should use?

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    I'm in South Bend and updos start at $45 at the salon we're using.

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    If she doesn't show up, try paging Chrissy.  She got married in Greenwood this past summer.
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    I'm not from the Terre Haute/Greenwood area, but I'm guessing prices don't vary too much unless you go to a high-class salon. In Ft. Wayne, my friend's (bride) was $50 for an updo, and all the bridemaids were $35-40 depending on the style. For my wedding, mine was $45 but I had a pretty simple updo.
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    I think you are looking at $45-75 depending on where you go and what you want. I know Stacey Mayo [] does makeup and hair and will come to you if that is an option. JCPenney and Regis also do weddings in addition to your stand alone salons.
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    Look in my bio.  Ashleigh is awesome and will come to you and do you and your wedding party.  Here is a link to pictures from my wedding:

    I would say you are going to be looking between $30 and $60 depending on what people want done.
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    I can't tell how beautiful your photos are!  If I didn't have a photographer I would so be talking to yours!  She is awesome!  And your hair is absolutely lovely.  I am still looking for someone to do our hair for my wedding in May.  I may have to give your's a call.  Does she work up north as well?  We live in Carmel and are being married in Indianapolis on the I guess northwest side.  Just off 71st and Springmill.  


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    Has anyone tried asking the person that normally cuts your hair? I mean, I guess that would only work if you go to someone on a regular basis... but I've gone to mine for years. She's traveling to the wedding, doing my hair for free, and charging only $20 for each girl. I know a lot of people like to go to salon's and get pampered and get their hair done, but sometimes it's best not to do so! Just a thought.
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