Wedding Cakes in Fort Wayne

I am trying to find good quality bakers in Fort Wayne for my wedding cake.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

Re: Wedding Cakes in Fort Wayne

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    Halls were dry and their red velvet sucked.

    Courtneys were pretty awesome. Loved their lime.

    Nutcracker sweet shop is where we settled with. Their white was amazing. so soft. Good prices too.

    I wanted to go woth courtneys but FI wanted Nutcracker. So we went with nutcracker because we went with what I wanted on everything else lol.

    Good luck.

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    I went with Courtney's! 

    Elegant Cakes out of Grover Hill, Ohio was our second choice. Their cakes were deilcious (and cheaper) but I wanted a pretty intricate design on my cake so I went with Courtney's
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    I don't know if she still has the date available, but I recommend Jennifer Hallberg ( to just about everyone. 

    Good luck!
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    I'm using Courtney's as well.
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    YOU MUST TRY THE NUTCRACKER!!! She is awesome.  She makes all of the cakes herself, and they are ALL delicious.  She doesn't charge for extra things like fillings or unique decorations.  We are getting a 5 tiered cake with a filled grooms cake for the price of a small 2 tiered at Halls.
  • I offer custom, gourmet cakes in the Fort Wayne area with free delivery. I am a culinary student and have a sanitation certificate that ensures safe food handling at all times. I am new to Fort Wayne just starting my business so my rates are very reasonable. All of my cakes, fillings, icings decorative features are made from scratch. Please visit my website for menu pricing info.
  • @aliya45 Are you still in business?
  • The website you linked didn't work for some reason. @aliya45
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