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Getting married in Puerto Rico

Hey fellow Brides,

I'm getting married in PR, in April. The reception area I've booked has black & white floors and I've been struggling with my color choices for awhile now..but I think I'm gonna do the pink, black, white, platnium look (is that too much black?)
Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated.

Re: Getting married in Puerto Rico

  • I don't think so. I think those colors could give your reception a very chic vibe. I think I would leave off the platinum though and just do black, white and pink.
  • Is it Casa Espana? It has checkered floors. I wouldn't add the platinum either. Pink, black and white look chic on their own. With black and white you can do an all white wedding (looks clean and chic, though some think it's boring), black, white and red, or white with any other color.
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