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Any extra-fluffy brides here?

I sometimes feel sort of strange posting in plus size forums with people who wear a 14 or 16 when I wear a 28 or larger, depending on the cut/store.  A lot of plus size women can still shop in "regular" stores and try on dresses, but I can't.  In fact, I ordered my dress online without even seeing it in person because there isn't a store for 400 miles that carries sample sizes that are big enough for me to try on. 

Anyone else have this problem?  I'd love to be able to comiserate and help each other find things like crinolines, lingerie, etc that isn't so easy to find in your average store.
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Re: Any extra-fluffy brides here?

  • I too am more than a 14/16 plus size bride.  My big frustration is that I cannot find any dresses that do not have bare arms!  As a big girl I really do not want to have my arm flab hanging out!  So I have found a solution that seems to be posting some pretty good results.  I started looking at mother of the bride dresses.  Most of them come in all colors from white to black and everything in between.  They also tend to be a bit more modest for the big girl.  I am having a little less than formal black tie wedding so it may not work for everyone but it's an idea I'm throwing out there! 

  • I am a 28 and I luckily had plenty of stores around me that carried plus size samples. I ended up buying a dress that nobody had in my size so I tried on similar ones and hope I love it when it comes in!
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  • I'm a 24-26, depending on materal and stuff.

    Went to Alfreds and the salewoman found one beaten up old thing (from 03) that was in my size. It was gorgeous! I only tried one other one on.

    Being plus sized, while wonderful, because I love my body, is hard. I'm desperately trying to hunt down crinoline that I wont have to pay out the butt for just because its bigger. =/
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  • *Sending hugs from NC*

    I, too, am a plus-sized gal. Size 22/24. My dress is a 26. Wish I was a 16 or 18 too. Wishing you luck. I'm sure you'll find the perfect dress. :)
  • I'm a 24 and it was tough. I found a house of brides "diva" store. Sadly it was small. I found a dress I loved but it is strapless! I am having to have it altered to have sleeves added. I hate my arms! Good luck
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  • I ca be anything from 22/24 to 26/28 so i feel you. I'm blind buying my dress online also.
  • I feel your pain girl! I'm a size 22 and I got my dress at David's Bridal for lack of better options. And then, finding decent plus size lingerie was the worst thing ever. I ended up ordering a bustier online but the size 3x panties that came with it barely fit on one thigh. I ended up having to wear cotton boy shorts under my dress, lol. At least I was comfy.

    Also, if I see one more article about losing weight and "toning those arms" before the big day, I may punch someone. Our men asked us to marry them the way we are... why change a good thing? 
  • *raises hand*

    Size 26/28 on top, 22/24 on the bottom. I didn't think I was going to be able to find a dress either, let alone try any on beforehand. But I schlepped three hours last weekend to the nearest David's Bridal, apprehensive of all the horror stories I'd read about from other brides... and you know, my experience wasn't bad. It was a relief to see that I actually don't look like a big sack of potatoes in a wedding dress.

    It would be incredible to live near one of those specialty shops that cater to plus size women, like p2oh mentioned. But it seems like there are a lot more options out there now than there were even five years ago for bigger brides, so that's good news for all the future engaged chickadees.

    And yeah, sometimes I look at girls posting in the plus size forums here and on wedding sites and think, "Pfft, I wish I were as fat as you!" They look skinny-minnie to me, but I can't tell them how to identify themselves.
  • I just looked at the website for Sydney's Closet and their dresses are gorgeous. If only I had known about them when I was looking for a dress... Atlanta's only a 6 hour drive and I would've totally gone there to get the shopping experience and dress of my dreams. Oh well... too close to turn back now...

    In Response to Re: Any extra-fluffy brides here?:
    [QUOTE]I was so sure I would never find a true "wedding dress". I had resigned myself to settling for a pretty white dress. I found a dress I loved online but was petrified to buy it without trying it on. I found out the site had a store 400 miles away, but I am so glad I made the trip. I am a size 32 and had my choice of dresses to try on. Not just dresses, gowns. They were gorgeous and proportioned and more importantly they catered to plus size women. The dressing rooms were larger and the chairs were bigger. It was an amazing experience that I never thought I would get to have, so if anyone is in the St. Louis area or close to it, I highly reccomend Sydney's Closet, they specialize in plus size formal dresses and they were as sweet and accomodating as could be.
    Posted by p2oh[/QUOTE]
  • I'll join the club.  22/24 here.  Fortunately I didn't have any trouble finding a dress (There is an awesome plus size shop called Koda Bridal in Pittsburgh, PA that I can't suggest enough if you're near it) but I'm having an awful time finding things to wear UNDER my dress.  I even had trouble with shoes--apparently brides aren't supposed to have wide feet?  I would love to talk about these issues.  Technical plus size is one thing, but you're right, some of us are definitely in a different boat.
  • good luck to all of you and congratulations to those of you who are ultimately happy with who you are no matter the size!! we all have days that we do not feel our best. i've been as large as nearing a 20 and as small as a 10. i'm currently a 14/18 depending on the brand, make, material etc. my challenge has been being too large for regular sizes but too small for most plus stores like lane bryant. the woman at david's bridal was really rude to me saying that large girls never fit the true size and forced me to try on a 20 when i was wearing a smallish 18 in most clothes at the time. i am proud to say it was too big and the 18 fit! finding my dress in a smaller size was exhilarating and has helped encouraged me to keep up my work to be in better condition of health/size. it hurts when people can't help you find things that will fit right no matter what size you are. i will never be that size 10 again, but a 12/14 would be nice. we all face a range of challenges and thank god for these sounding boards to help us!
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