XP EEEK! My first dress appointments are Saturday!

I already posted this on the local board (Minneapolis/St. Paul), but I figured I should try here as well.

My first dress appoints are on Saturday. The first at David's Bridal in Roseville and the second at the Wedding Shoppe. I'm a little overwhelmed because i'm a plus-sized girl and I guess i'm just worried they won't have a ton to choose from or I will be super self consious in what I try on :/

Anyway, is there anything I should know before my first appointments? I don't have a strapless bra, but I do have spanx...should I bring that? Any help is appreciated :)

Re: XP EEEK! My first dress appointments are Saturday!

  • You will be FINE! just because you are plus sized does not mean you will not find your perfect dress. Make sure to try on dresses in AND out of your comfort zone...that is how I found mine :) You are beautiful whether you are a size 2 or 22 and don't let anyone tell you different. Enjoy this experiece :) and good luck!!
  • They should have undergarments for you to try on with your dress.  Enjoy the experience, and like PP  said,....try out of the box!  you will definately find the perfect dress!!! Good Luck
  • If you have Spanx and are planning to wear it, bring it.  Yes, some will have things for you to borrow, but if you already have what you wanted to wear, that will save some time for you.  Plus, I'd be uncomfortable trying on undergarments that others have been using, but maybe that's just me.

    Also, take a deep breath and relax!  I'm sure you'll find lots of things you'll look awesome in!  Just keep a postive mindeset and don't be afraid to try different ideas, even if they don't sound like they'd work.  The salespeople normally know what they're talking about, and can be really helpful.

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  • RElaX.. it will be fine. These girls that help have seen everybody type there is.. kinda like a Dr. and they know what to do and what looks good on you.

    They should have the bra's.. although I am not sure about Davids.. private shops do I know. Also.. I would say go up one band size when ya tell them what size bra.. THey can always put it on the tightest hook if they need but they usually run a bit small.

    And I will say a cute brief is great.. that way it will reach the long line bra and you won't feel so exposed while waiting for more dresses. ...

    Good lUCK!
  • I went to the David's in Maple Grove and ended up buying both bridesmaids dresses and also my dress there (and I rarely check the local boards, so I'm glad I caught you here). I don't know how the service is at the Roseville location, but it was great where I went, and I know sometimes DB can be hit or miss, so whatever you do, don't get discouraged, and good luck! :)
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