Ceremony music

We are playing this as my procession song:

The song is beautiful and we want it to be played at our outdoor ceremony. As you can tell in the song, the main instrument being used is the piano and then the violin plays along. Do you think there is any we can have a group perform this song outside?

I was thinking about having the piano part playing through speaker and then hiring a string duet, trio or quartet to play along. Here is the piano version:  
What do you think?

My other idea was to hire a piano and violin duet.

I thought of just playing the song through speakers but I think it would be more special if it was performed. Any other ideas would be appreciated. 
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Re: Ceremony music

  • depending on the location, I think it might be hard to have a piano outside... but I really like the idea of having the piano play through speakers and then have the live violins! 
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  • That's what my FI thinks too..
    Thanks for the input :)
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  • Keyboards are pretty portable, the sound might not be AS classy, but I think two musicians playing together versus a musician trying to play along to a speaker is preferable...
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