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Today, my mom went on an overly emotional rant about my "diva" mentality while dress shopping because I called a dress "really sad" in front of a sales lady.

She then went on to say the sales lady was rude by telling my mother that my body issues are probably partly due to the fact that she is constantly critiquing my body (thank you sales lady)

and finished with a sobbing "Cuz the sales lady at the bridal shop KNOWS you better than i do"

i am wondering how many more of these teary outbursts im going to receive from my good-intentioned mother along the way. Because this isn't the first.

At some point at a florist my mom screamed out that I wasn't a lady if i didn't like roses.

Please tell me some of you have a MOM moment to share. Shall we call them "MOMents" (ya u like that play on words"

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