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I fell in love with Maggie Sottero's Decandence gown. I've seen it in person but unfortunately have not been able to try it on because it was a size 12. : I really want to order it, but I'm worried about how it will actually look on me once it is in my size. Are there any other plus sized brides considering this gown? Has anyone had a chance to try it on? Does anyone have any pictures of them in it? Would you buy a dress without trying it on???

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    I don't think I would order without trying a dress on.  However, I think you have a few options.  Maybe you find a dress with a similar silhouette/, style it may give you a better idea of how it may fit.  Also, have you called other bridal salons in the area to see if they have the dress in a larger size?

    By the way that is a beautiful gown!

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  • Is it a corset gown and if you can get it over your hips/boobs, put the dress on and see how it looks
  • I ordered my dress without trying it on.  I'll let you know how that goes when it gets here at the end of June.  I'm a size 28 or 30 in street size, so there's absolutely NO WAY I would have been able to try anything on in ANY store.  That's just the way it is.  I did a lot of research on what looks good on certain body types & skin tones, and I know an amazing seamstress who will probably jazz it up a little bit because the bottom is a little plain for my liking.  But.... this one came closest to what I had in mind.  I can only pray that it looks halfway decent on me.  I'm nervous, but that's one of the downsides of being a plus sized bride - you don't get to try on dresses because even a 12 would never make it past my hips.  Oh well.
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