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Thinkin this might be the dress, but I'm unsure..Pics inside

So, like the subject says, I'm thinking this is the one, but there's something holding me back.  I know one of the things is that its from David's Bridal, which I don't want to buy my dress from them, not that the sales ladies aren't super nice, I just prefer to support local, small businesses.  That being said, heres a pic.  I'm wearing a veil, that's the veil I like but I'm NOT wearing in front of my face, at all, on my wedding day;  just did that for my mom for the picture.
Any and all help/feedback is greatly appreciated!

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Re: Thinkin this might be the dress, but I'm unsure..Pics inside

  • Hey! I totally understand the wanting to support smaller local businesses. If you're really keen on doing that, there is a place in Saint Claire Shores called Bombshell Bridal Boutique and it is run by two awesome ladies - the whole shop caters to size 12-32 and they have a wide selection of dresses. You may want to check that out, I'm sure they'd have a similar dress to the one you found at David's Bridal.
  • You look beautiful!!!
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  • I have some serious dress envy - You look amazing in that dress.  I'm sure there are other dresses that are similar in style so you could get one from a local bridal shop.  Good luck!
  • Looks beautiful! maybe a local shop will have that dress or at least be able to order it for you!!  Good Luck!
  • Wow - I love that dress!  It looks amazing on you!!  :)
  • That's a gorgeous dress!  You could always buy that dress, then get your veil/accessories from a local business. 
  • That dress is lovely. Definitely check out Bombshell Bridal if you ever feel like taking an hour and a half drive to St. Clair Shores. Otherwise do as Gabrielle76 said and buy that dress from David's Bridal but then buy your accessories from a local business.
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  • That dress is extremely flattering and beautiful on you.
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  • It's very pretty and super flattering on you!
  • I understand what you're saying. I would keep it in mind but look elsewhere. Other than that you look great in the dress but if you aren't happy with it then don't get it.
  • Definitely see if a local shop has something similar but if not, I think you look gorgeous in that! I understand the rationale between wanting to support local businesses but that being said, I got mine from DB simply because it fit my budget best and had the biggest selection for me to do my one-stop shopping. Do what's right for you and you'll likely be a happy lady (you're already a beautiful bride! Wink )
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  • Oh, I so agree with PPs. I think you should purchase that dress (because you look totally amazing in it and because you're clearly very happy with it..) Then buy your accesories from local shops...like your jewelry, shoes, veil, etc. My fiance and I like to support local businesses as well..but on your very special day you should feel as happy, comfortable, confident and beautiful as you look in that dress!!!
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  • In Response to Re: Thinkin this might be the dress, but I'm unsure..Pics inside:
    [QUOTE]That's a gorgeous dress!  You could always buy that dress, then get your veil/accessories from a local business. 
    Posted by Gabrielle76[/QUOTE]
    That's definitely one way to do it :-)
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  • Thanks so much, all of you!
    I do love it, and I actually have been to Bombshell Bridal, LOVE them.  Amanda has helped me all three times I've been there and they just didn't have exactly what I was wanting.  They came very close though, and I almost ordered one from them that was almost what I wanted just because I wanted to buy it from them.  I like the idea of buying my accessories from them and I'm going to do exactly that.  My bridesmaids will be ordering their dresses from them.
    Thanks again everyone, y'all helped me seal the deal!
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  • 2 words for you LOVE IT. but i totally understand the buying local. but it looks beautiful on you.
  • Looks great and while I'm all for supporting local businesses, the only shop other than DB that was within an hour for me had a total of 4 dresses for my size, and they were all terrible. I went to DB and was thrilled so I supported local businesses in other ways.
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  • Oh wow!  The dress is beautiful!  it looks very good on you too.  The cut/style suits you very well.

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  • The dress looks amazing on you. 
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