Weekly Check In

How was everyone's weekend?

Get anything done? Anything new? 

Re: Weekly Check In

  • Weekend was great!  Beautiful weather finally!!!!  Got all of my little odds & ends done for centerpieces, favors and accessories.... what a relief.  Feels great to have all that stuff done! 

    Anyone do something fun and exciting?
  • Hi!

    I had to work Saturday, was off yesterday...As far as WR stuff, I started reading this book about bridal bargins...let me just say WOW! It is the greatest tool any bride can have.

    We went swimming yesterday for a little while, I however am the only Mexican on the planet that sunburns! Seriously! lol so I am a fiesta lobster today and am about to head out to work. Hope everyone's weekend was great!
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  • We put our 2nd to last deposit on our reception venue this weekend and I started getting more of my DIY supplies I need to get my DIY butt in gear!  And I spent time with both my niece and nephew which was sooo fun and made me relax!
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  • This is kinda a 2-week check-in for me. In the last 2 weeks I have gotten soooooo much wedding stuff done it's ridiculous: (I have lived out of state for school and have gotten only the bare essentials done in the last 6 months, so I've pushed everything off until now, the last 6 weeks)
    I had my first dress fitting and alterations are in progress. 
    We met with the DJ, finalized our song lists and paid remaining balance.
    We did our premarital counseling sessions.
    We met with the church pastor and did our first session with him.
    We met with the church wedding coordinator and talked about the logistics of the ceremony.
    We met with the photographer and went over a list of all the must-have photos and day-of-timing, as well as paying final balance.
    We met with the florist and did mock-up bouquets.
    We applied for and received our marriage license.
    We ordered our favors and some other little decorative things like pew clips and bows. 
    And we're continuing to get more and more RSVP's back every day!

    And I'm looking forward to my bachelorette party this weekend! WHEW! From here on out I'm feeling like it's a race to the finish line. 

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  • We met with the venue and finalized the start time for our ceremony.  Also, went over table linen colors.  

    Picked out my MOH dress.

    This week we are going out of town for another wedding!  This one I am a BM in, I will need to pick up my dress from getting altered tomorrow.  FINGERS crossed it FITS!!!

    This is third and wedding this year, and the last one before ours! yay!

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    I went dress shopping this weekend for the first time!  I didn't expect to fall in love with anything but i did....With two dresses!   I got a little overwhelmed so I scheduled another appt in three weeks to bring my mom and a couple of my sisters for their advice.  It is so exciting!

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  • invites done. and ordered. as well as time line starting to be set
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