How can I encourage my MOH?

I have a maid and matron of honor (my 2 closest cousins-one married, one not).  I couldn't imagine my big day without both of them by my side.  The issue is that one is 100 lbs and the other is 300 lbs.  I think that both women look great as they are.  One of them is so uncomfortable with the idea of standing next to my other cousin that she wants to lose 100 lbs before the wedding.  It's a year away and I want to encourage her as best as I can, but I honestly think she's beautiful as she is and won't look bad next to my other MOH.  We live 2 hours apart so I can't workout with her.  I want her to enjoy the wedding planning and not stress out about losing the weight.  How can I best be supportive and motivational?  Should I ask her how the weight loss is going when I talk to her?  Or only talk about it if she brings it up? 

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Re: How can I encourage my MOH?

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    Sign up for something like myfitnesspal with her.  It tracks calories, and has a good friend function so you can encourage each other.

    Also, sit her down over Skype and tell her something like 'Look, I know you're having trouble with your weight, but that's not why you're my friend.  You're my friend because you're smart/funny/pretty (insert adjective of choice) and I love you as you are.  If you want to lose weight, I will help you however you want me to, but I just want you to know that I don't want you to feel that you need to lose weight to be in my WP.'


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    For me, I don't like working out with people because I like to go at my own pace. The thing that is working for me right now is Zumba for the wii. I do it in the comfort of my own home, 20 minutes a day. I also eat Lean Cuisine and drink plenty of water. Within the first week, I lost 6 pounds. It took a long time for me to find something that I like and that works for me.

    So I would find out what she likes to do (walk, hike, dance) and then do it with her. If she enjoys doing it then she will continue to do it. I like that you want to support her. That is always a great thing to have as a friend.
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