Plus size dress shopping in NY/NJ

I just wanted to share my experience shopping for my wedding dress.  First, I am a size 20/22 in clothing.  I think that is important to know.  I went to a few bridal salons after taking recommendations for the Knotties.  I have two recommendations for the plus size brides.


RK Bridal (NYC) - The first time I went I had a horrible experience with the consultant, her name was Nadine.  She was not nice and not at all sensitive to my size.  She also tried to sabotage my second appointment.  DO NOT WORK WITH HER.  Thankfully I was convinced to go back because of the large selection of plus size dresses.  The second appointment was with Jo.  She was amazing.  She knew the exact right things to say and do to make me truly feel beautiful!  Even though I didn't buy my dress from her, I would recommend her to anyone.  I found a dress I loved, but found one I loved more at...  


Alfred Angelo Signature Store (Cherry Hill, NJ) - If you are near one (they have many), you need to go.  This store renewed my hope in finding a dress.  All of their dresses come in 3 sizes, one being 22/24 or something around that.  Most of the dresses I tried on, the consultant had to clip b/c they were too big.  Talk about a confidence booster!  My consultant was good (not great) She was very young and was smacking her gum the whole time (one of my biggest pet peeves) I will not give her name because I very much believe she is going to get better.  The consultant didn't do anything "wrong" per say, she was just inexperienced.  I ended up finding my dress here and I am SOOO happy!  I even got a $250.00 discount! 

Re: Plus size dress shopping in NY/NJ

  • thanks for sharing and congrats on getting your dress
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  • You should XP this to the local boards.....I bet there's a bunch of women that would be glad for the info there.
  • I'm sorry that your experience at RK Bridal wasn't the best. I got lucky when I went there and got consultant Olga. She was amazing. She listened to what I wanted, picked some dresses for me and within 1 hour I was measured, my dress ordered and my alteration appointments made. I recommend Olga every chance I get.  I am so glad that you found a dress you love, Congrats!
  • I had a good experiance at RK te second time I went.  I loved Jo, just found a dress I liked more at another place.
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