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Boudoir photos gift for soon to be hubby?

Hi girls - looking for your feedback...  I want to do boudoir shots for my hunny. I am feeling so insecure though! I'm a size 18, but I know he loves my body because tells me literally everyday, so I would really LOVE to do this for him. Anyone ever done it? Any tips, advice, ideas, etc... ? I don't even know where to start! 
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Re: Boudoir photos gift for soon to be hubby?

  • DO IT!! I've taken b-pics four times and have had a blast each time. I don't like every picture but the majority of them I love. I too am a size 18. I love corsets and teddies with underwire in the bra. Just make sure you feel comfortable with your photogrpaher. Also, if you can budget it I would recommend having your hair and makeup done. You will feel sexy as hell, promise!!
  • My FI's brithday is in may and I am thinking about doing this for his birthday gift. I am just about a 16 ( some 16s fit but sometimes an 18). I am most worried about being in front of a random person taking my picture.
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  • I have had three different female photographers. The first one I knew (she had taken photos of my family before), the second one was referred to me and the third I knew from working a wedding with her. I'm an easy, laid back kinda gal so it wasn't a big deal to me to be nekkid/half nekkid in front of a stranger. You have to remember that they are professionals!! I also let them know from the get go that I was fine with them telling me to move a certain way to make sure no fat rolls showed. I didn't care if they touched me to move my hair, clothes, etc. Trust me when I say it is very empowering and makes you feel sooooooooo sexy. I'm happy to show you some of my pics. Email me- greenwedding2013 @ gmail. com
  • I want to do them but I am thinking more for a birthday or Christmas present. We have run out of wedding funds and blew our budget so this is an extra for sure. I am nervous about it but I think once I get there it could be fun.

    princessannie12 : I hope you don't mind I emailed you!
  • I emailed you too! You have such a positive attitude - i love it!!!!! I can't wait to see your pix! I'm definitely going to do it - just need to find the right place.
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  • I had some done and LOVED it. I was nervous at first but once I found some great lingerie and did my hair and makeup all pin up like....i was alllll set.

    Once the session started I didn't want it to end.

    Like PP said, just make sure you feel comfortable with your photographer, or else it will show in your pics and you won't have as much fun!!

    Again, HAVE FUN!!!
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  • I had this done for a Valentine's Day gift, and had so much fun. The photographer had an in-studio stylist, and corresponded with me about lingerie. It wasn't scary at all--I think it helped that the photographer was a little heavy, too. I had a small 8X8 book made with about 25 pictures from the shoot. My fiance LOVED it. The interesting thing is that the pics he really loved were tight close-ups of my lips or a shot of closed eyes. It was such a success, that we have a head and shoulders shot from this printed on canvas above our bed!
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