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Dieting where the hell is my motivation

So my fellow brides as I am sure many of you have I have sworn to my self that I am going to lose weight before the wedding. Lets just say so far that has been an epic fail and even though I will never admit this out loud I have actually gained weight (ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha). My favorite excuse is that I dont have anything to work out with and the gym is a fat girls enemy. So surprise my lovely fiance buys us a treadmill and agrees because hes a lil chunky as well to do whatever diet or eating habbit that I want to (sometimes him being so supportive backfires). So now I have this treadmill in my house and still cant find any motivation to get on it. I'm not even sure where to start on eating right. So far I have decided that I am just going to eat salads until my wedding which I know is not healthy. My mom is trying to get my to try the P.I.N.K method she saw on Dr. Phill. Has anyone else had any experience with this or any other dieting or motivational tips? Hell is anyone else having the same struggle that I am?
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