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Big FAT vent...

So my sister and her cousin(step-mom's niece) are due to have baby girls within a week of each other. My sister is this skinny little thing and her cousin is maybe two sizes bigger.

We had their shower today and they did that thing where they lay a needle and thread on the PG women's wrist and depending on which way it swings when you lift the thread, it tells you what you are going to have/ have had. If it stays still you are not/ have never been PG. Old wives tale.

I know I'm big to begin with, but with the recent holidays, birthdays, traveling, and beginning of Christmas shopping, my sleep schedule has been WAY off and I have been eating what's convenient. I have put on a few pounds and I know my jeans are a little tighter than they were.

Now my aunt was walking around with this stupid string, trying it on everyone who would stand still. They said to try it on me, to see if it would stay still. My aunt was like, "Are you pregnant?" I said no. "Are you sure?" I'm sure. "Are you sure you aren't lying?" I was getting ticked, "Well if I am I don't know it." So I held out my wrist and it stayed still. My aunt looked at me funny and said, "Oh, I guess so."

Grrrr... I just wanted to yell, "I'm not pregnant, I'm just FAT!" But I didn't see how that would do any good.

I have no problem with the way I am and neither does FI, so I could care less what other people think. I don't even care that much if someone thinks I am pregnant, but when they don't take no for an answer just is rude.

So not only have I had problems TTC in the past and now have to watch at least 4 people I know be very happily pregnant, now they have to rub my face in it. I know that's not at all what they were doing, but that's how I felt. I know my sister told me she thought my aunt was being awkward, but I'll be fine. I really just needed to vent. Thanks for listening. Encouraging words are greatly appreciated :)
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