Hola Brides!

Hi everyone! It's been a long while since I've been here. I used to be KDrymalla before. I miss this board a lot. We had to push back our wedding date a full year. We did this because as we all know once that year mark hits, it's so fast and before you know it, bam it's the big day! Also, my fiance wants to go to Nursing school and we decided to wait until he finishes the program.

Today I had to redo my guest list, our laptop ate it...(Better than saying the dog ate it, especially since have no dog! lol ) I got that taken care of...we have offically 123 guests O.O!!!

Also I am hunting down another wedding dress...I had already said yes to my dress a while back, well I went to go order it and no one could seem to locate or get in contact with the designer. So here I sit trying to find a new dress that is just as close to the one I love and isn't going to cost me a kidney! lol

I hope you all are doing well and everything is moving along splendedly with your weddings!
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Re: Hola Brides!

  • Goodluck with restarting your wedding planning! Sounds like you'll have an appropriate amount of time to make this all less stressful at least!
  • Oh yes ma'am! that was the one thing I was excited about when we reset our date! lol I wouldn't have to rush!

    I'm not functionable when I am under pressure and rushed.
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  • Welcome back!  The good thing is... you have plenty of time to find a new "perfect" dress.  Who knows you may find one that you love even more!!! 
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