Today is the first time I get to try on my dress since I bought it in december. It arrived in early April, but I live out of state, so my mom has been holding it in her closet since then. Now that school is over and I'm home, I finally get to have my first fitting/alterations appointment. 

When I ordered it, the size they had me try on was a 14, and they couldn't get it zipped up, so by my measurements, they guessed that I would need a 16W, and that's what they ordered. I'm TERRIFIED that this dress won't fit- either too big or too small. My wedding is in less than two months, what if there isn't enough time to make it fit? What if I hate it? What if somehow it's different than I remember? 

I know I'm probably panicking for no reason, but a little reassurance would be nice. I'm bringing my shoes, veil, and hair thingy with me to 'complete the look' while I'm there (not to mention I need the shoes for height), but I'm still nervous. UGH. 
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Re: Nervous

  • If it doesn't fit by only an inch or so than maybe buy some spanx or a corsette/bustier to help hold you in. If you loved the dress when you ordered it then hopefully you will still love it. It is normal for people to feel buyer's remorse about their dress. I did, but every time I put my dress on I fall in love with it all over again. Good luck!!
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  • In almost 2 months you have plenty of time for alterations!  Too big is not really a problem, they will just take it in.  It's harder to take out a dress, but not impossible, and there are other things they can do to make it fit.  You will loe your dress and any alterations will be minimal and done quickly.  I've had my dress since September and my first alterations appointment was at 6 weeks before the wedding. 

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  • Please don't worry, you have lots of time.

    My dress shop screwed up my dress (ordered the wrong size zip back instead of the corset I wanted). The seamstress built a corset back in, hemmed it, put bones in the sides and took it in a little in about four hours (I was leaving the country the next day, at that point hoping I had the dress to take with me).

    Depending on the work that needs to be done - most seamstresses I talked to said two-three weeks was how long they needed.
  • Deep breath. ok ... everything will be ok. if it dosent fit like others have said get some good under garmets and everything will be ok. wedding dresses have lots of places to get let out or taken in for that matter. everything will be perfectly fine. just relax and enjoy this time. everything will be perfect. 
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