delete. i feel stupid posting this. :P
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    Well, you could try and lose some weight before then. Diet and exercise is the best way to go.

    Otherwise you could find a seamstress who should be able to alter the dress to fit you.
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  • In Response to Re::[QUOTE]Hi. I've never posted on this forum before, but I figure why not extend forums past the month forum :nbsp;I just got my dress in. When I bought it I thought "oh my god. i feel beautiful. I've never felt actually BEAUTIFUL before..."my dress came in, I tried it on for the first time today, I turned around and my backboob is bigger than my front small chest size... I'm so embarrised and upset! The wedding is October 6, is there anything I can do to lose some there before then or fix it? : Posted by Creyo[/QUOTE]

    You could lose a few pounds between now and October. Also. Take it to the seamstress and see what they recommend. If the dress doesn't already have a corset, put one in. If it does, have some let out along the seams to give you more room.

    I wouldn't do this until mid august though, so you'll know where you'll be size wise by then.

    Try to relax. Try to drink lots of water and eat right. The more you stress, the more likely you won't drop any weight.
  • i was in the same boat as you! i was crushed!.....lifting 5 lbs weights and cardio will help out alot...and eatting right....hang in there...if it is corset...most of the younger girls dont lace and tighten it right....i still have some back fat...but not nearly as bad....also a veil and longer hair will help!
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    [QUOTE]delete. i feel stupid posting this. :P
    Posted by Creyo[/QUOTE]

    Don't feel stupid. I've had issues with my weight my whole life. Anyways when I first tried on my dress I loved it but had the same issue but the consultant made me try the dress on with a diffrent type of bra and that helped. Good luck. ;)
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  • No need to feel stupid.  The question has come up several times before.  You may want to discuss with a seamstress, as she would know what alterations can be done to the dress to help eliminate the issue.  Also, exercise and a healthy diet may help you loose some extra weight and tone up the area.

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  • i agree with pp's TALK with the seamstress. DO NOT feel stupid for asking a question. also, i've heard that the type of "bra" can make all the difference. See if they have a variety of corsets/long lines you can try on with the dress.
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