First Fitting and On the verge of tears

I just got back from my fitting... my dress was a special order so this was my first time trying it on. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress, but my bridal consultant said that my size 22 would be great in an 18 because of the lace up back. WRONG! The alterations lady was somewhat rude and said, "We really need to let this out.. by about 3 inches!" I am already selfconscious and have been going to the gym and she says that and "there is nothing else I can do here," and walks off leaving me feel absolutely worthless. On top if that, I have to pay 65 for it to be taken out... not counting my bustling which will be at the next fitting in 2 weeks. Maybe it's just the stress of getting married in 35 days but wow I want to cry.

Re: First Fitting and On the verge of tears

  • hug hugs and more hugs....
  • Sorry you experienced this.  Sounds like the consultant made a bad call.   However!  Don't fret too much, it can be fixed.  And the 65 dollars will be worth it. 
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  • So sorry :( to me it seems that wedding dresses run small anyway, I cant belive she would have you go down that much. Good luck, It will all be worth it.
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  • She shouldn't have ordered the dress that small and the seamstress shouldn't have been so rude! Don't fret about it, the dress will get fixed and you will be beautiful. You'd think people would be a little more sensitive!
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  • I had the same exact problem. DB ordered my dress too small and when I put it on at the alteration shop, there was a big "hump" in the back where it was laced up. The seamstress was talking about how she'd have to let it out and "hoped" she would be able to make it work. I felt the same way you did... But I just had a fitting this past weekend, and the bump was gone. She was able to fix it and the dress fit perfectly. Don't stress... it'll work out honey!!
  • You all are so sweet. Im debating on contact them so someone else doesn't need to deal with rude people or buy a dress that far off.
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    [QUOTE]I wonder if you can get the store to drop the $65 fee since it was the consultant's idea to order it too small in the first place. Small fries compared to the hell you could raise about it. ;)
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    Definitely this!!  The consultant at least needs to be informed as to how wrong she was! 
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