XP-DIY DIVAS, I need you...NWR

So I posted this on the DIY board...but you can hear the crickets chirping over there....

Good afternoon ladies,

My mother will be celebrating 20 years of sobriety and I will be attending the meeting where she gets her chip.  I plan on making a little speech about how grateful I am for the friendships and support that my mother has received from the people in the room.  I want to make thank-you "favors" to hand out to people.

I need ideas for these favor bags.....HELP! What should I put in them

Re: XP-DIY DIVAS, I need you...NWR

  • I responded on the DIY board.
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  • Not just because i work for the company lol but Live Savors sound perfect... it is wonderful to have your mother/friend as sober happy part of your life and all these people did help save her... we have issues in my family too... depending on  the group i like the $5 gift card idea or maybe even some scratch off lotto tickets - I know one woman that got the 1,000 a week for life & another that won 5k so you could be ble to change someone's life as well... :) 
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  • What about home-made baked goods? 
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