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I am going dress shopping this Saturday! I hope I have a better experience then the last time I went. We are going to David's bridal so hopefully the have more then four dresses for me to try on. I need to see what will look good on me. My sisters and I are looking for bridesmaids dresses too. It should be an interesting day!

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  • Have fun! Even if they don't have dresses in a size that will zip up, you can usually go down one or two sizes and still get the idea. 
  • Good luck!  Just have an open mind... try on things you don't think you'll like.    And try to have fun!  Don't feel pressure to BUY that day... get some ideas...  even if you just use DB to decide what styles you like..    Have FUN! 
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    I want to go an Alfred Angelo shop to. I am open to every style but pick up and princess poofy my sisters had those kind and I want to be different my mom wants me to have sleeves. She doesn't like my arms. I wrote a whole list of what I want to try on. I also wrote a list of what I want my bridesmaids to try on. I just found out there  is a place near my moms that can re design her wedding dress! I am going to wear her veil but it would be neat to wear pieces of her gown!
  • Davids is awesome for all sizes of brides. The associates are super expereienced in bringing the right dress for your body type - try on everything, you never know what's going to work.
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  • Just picked a dress tonight from David's and I tried on about 15 dresses in sizes 22-26 and most looked good on me. It was a really positive experience. I also did Alfred Angleo today (it was a long day) and that experience wasn't as good. Althought they said that almost everything could be ordered in my size, they didn't seem to have many samples available in my size to try on. I think two really fit me. None were winners or even close. They were all more modern than the style I was going for. I'm not sure if this was a typical experience of just what I went through with the girl pulling my dresses. Good luck.
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