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I know i have mentioned my peachy fsil in law a few times on this board... so maybe you all have a background.

but basically i have been contacting her regarding wedding related items since about august.  I sent an email to bridesmaids asking them their dress budgets and when theyd like to get together etc. Everyone but her answered.

I sent her another email checking in to saw happy bday last month etc. Never heard back (and didint mention anyting wedding related)

i got a text today "sorry, im a bad sister in law, i totally have been ignorning you. I am just really busy and havent had a chance to answer any of your emails or calls yet. I am still busy, and probably won't be able to get back to you until after teh first of the year. I hope thats ok. happy holidays"

happy holidays to you too.

so i just said "ok well, we are going bridesmaid dress shopping a weekend in january i know you cant come out, but also my shower is in june- hope you can join us then, let me know if you are flying out! also, have a great xmas and tell your hubby merry xmas too.xo"

she writes back "actually i have about 15 min i can chat tonight, so ill call you then, at 7"

i wrote back "well actually, i have a class from 6:30-730 that i take at the gym"
she wrote back "skip it! its the only time i can call"

no  im not skipping it!  what the hell
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