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Hi Girls! I just started on weight watchers this week. My wedding is just under 4 months away and I am looking to lose 15-20 lbs by then.

I've never done weight watchers before and its completely different from any other diet I've tried, (low carb, gluten free, counting calories) so I'm having trouble figuring it out so far. I was used to doing the other diets so I knew what I could eat and what I liked.

Does anyone have any tips to boost results from WW? Or even some low point meals/snacks that help to mix it up a little bit? Thanks in advance!

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    Try to eat as much fruits and veggies as you can add to your meals since they are zero points. Also before I switched to myfitnesspal, I was only making sure to eat my daily points and activity points and trying my best not to eat my extra points.
  • Be careful with the whole "eat as many fruits and veggies as you want" thing.  Fruits have natural sugars, as do some some veggies (like carrots), so if you eat too many of them, thinking they are free of points, you may actually end up not loosing, or even gaining.

    I use the crystal light water flavoring packets because I find the taste of normal water to be boring.  I'm also addicted to sugar, so it helps me to divide my sweets into serving sizes.  I fill the snack size zip lock bags with one serving of a variety of treats, then put them in a big glass jar in the pantry.  That way, I know I am allowed to have the sweet (denying yourself too much leads to binging), but I don't end up eating the whole bag of skittles in one serving.  This works well for other foods, as well.  Oh, and my life saver for cooking is a kitchen scale.  I would be lost with out it!
  • Definitely try not to use your extra points, it does make a difference if you just stick to your allotted points.  also, don't think you can eat 0 point things all day everyday.  go to meetings because it really gives you something to push you to stay on track.  just like any diet try to drink alot of water.  and google the hell out of weightwatcher recipes online.  there are so many cool recipes out there!
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  • I just joined WW again this morning,, when I did WW 4 years ago and lost 50 pounds in 5 months the thing I noticed was if I got in the good health guidelines, the water, good oils, multivite, etc I lost better... even if I had to put 2 tsp of sunflower oil in my oatmeal or a smoothie just to get it in I did it.. the weeks I didnt get in my oil were the weeks I didnt lose as much. My wedding is in 5 months and a day... I want to lose 40 pounds or so.. and tone up the arms etc.. Going to start water aerobics next week too!
  • Agree with all the ideas above.  I just rejoined last week.  Also, remember that you need to track everything you eat.  I hated the idea, and wasn't successful in the past, but with the smartphone app, it is so easy that there is not reason not to do it.  As for the extra points, I actually found when I didn't use any of them, I wouldn't lose as much.  It depends on the person, so find what works for you.  Don't deprive yourself!  I've learned it's all about portion control.  I can eat a small piece of chocolate, but not the entire bag :-)
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    10 Comments She has great, easy, WW points calculated recipes on there. FI and I love it.

    Good luck!
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  • I have lost 23 pounds in the last 4 months on WW and I love it! I am already feeling more energy and less knee and back pain it is amazing!!
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