plus size samples to try on in the Pacific NW?

hi all - has anyone had luck with a particular bridal shop having a selection of plus size gowns to try on?  I'm really dreading the dress shopping process as the first shop I went to had ONE gown in a size 16 and nothing else over a size 10.  I'm not a size 16 but she tried to squeeze me into it (even though it wasn't a style I liked) because it was the only dress she had that I could even try to get on.  Needless to say, this experience wasn't fun at all.

Any shop suggestions in Seattle or PDX would be greatly appriciated.

Re: plus size samples to try on in the Pacific NW?

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    David's Bridal and Alfred Angelo should have samples you will be able to try on.  You should also be able to call local shops and ask them what sizes they have in samples and hopefully they will give you an honest answer.

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    I had a really good experience at David's Bridal near Clackamas, and at David's Bridal near Southcenter in Seattle. They had a good range of sizes, and were really helpful.

    I had a horrible experience at Charlotte's in Tigard/Portland. I had called ahead and asked if they had samples that I could try on, and told them I was a size 22, and they said they had a large variety. When I got there (with my bridesmaids and mom and aunt), they had about 3 that were that size, and the next they had was size 18. And one of the samples that fit was so old/worn that when she was tightening the corset top the strings snapped. I was beyond mortified and embarassed.
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    I had a great experience at the Bridal Exculsives near Bridgeport. I tried on well over a dozen dresses and passed over several dozen more that I was not interested in. If it helps, I am a bridal size 28. I had a very helpful and friendly consultant that did not make me feel self conscious.
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    thank you all.  I went to the Wedding Belle in Tacoma and had a great experience.
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