when an ex gets married...

is this weird. that i have a slight tinge of jealousy that my ex got married. Mostly that its before me (we have a two year engagement). but also, that he never mentioned he was seeing anyone.

I am much happier now and totally in love with fiance. I wouldnt trade him for the world, and ESpecially not for my ex!! i wouldnt ever want to date him again

but i have a slight tinge of "who is this GIRLthat could possibly get this guy that said he'd never "settle down" to settle down." More power to her. but like, it was a mutual breakup. but he never even thought about marriage w me. and i thought we were SO in love. Then he turned out to be a jerk. but i mean what changed?

I kinda feel like i didn't come out on "top" HOW JUVENIELE. I wanted to be married first.

Is this so lame?

i looked at their registry and critiqued items.
then it lead me to think- can i make my registry somehow private online?
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