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NWR poll - bathroom habits

Since the WR poll I just posted cannot really be answered by those without a father, I figured I should post a poll that does not exclude anyone.

I think I hit every possible scenario. I ran out of options so I could not add an Other, but please elaborate if I somehow forgot a scenario!

Re: NWR poll - bathroom habits

  • I always close the door. He leaves the door open for #1 closes it for #2 and locks it when he showers. 
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  • We live with FI's brother so I ALWAYS close the door. FI doesn't care. His brother also doesn't care. DRIVES ME NUTS. 

    Biggest pet peeve: They both will come in and use the bathroom while I'm in the shower. HATE IT. Especially since there ARE TWO BATHROOMS IN OUR HOUSE! They're just too lazy to go downstairs.
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  • We both always shut. It's just how we were raised. If you get yelled at a few times for peeing with the door open you learn pretty quick not to.

    And we only have one bathroom at my house, with 4 teens living here. So there is a lot of knocking and yelling, but it's one at a time in the potty room!

    I can't even go with the door open when I'm here by myself, I usually even lock it. That's kinda weird, right?
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