Appointment for wedding dress measurement-taking HELP!

I have selected my wedding dress and this week I have an appointment to have measurements taken.  
1. Should I wear shoes of the same height that I will wear at the wedding? 
2. What measurements are involved? 
3. Will I be totally unclothed (except for Spanx and bra) as they take the measurements? 
4. Need I wear a strapless bra?

The wedding is 6 months away, so  I have no idea what actual undergarments I will be wearing under the dress.
Thank you!
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Re: Appointment for wedding dress measurement-taking HELP!

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    I purchased my dress from Davids Bridal and they fitted me with a longline bra for trying the dresses on. My dress also was too short and had to have 5 inches added to it.

    If you know what dresses you are going to wear then yes take them with you. I would wear a strapless bra for your measurements, especially if you are getting a zip up dress as opposed to a corset back. 

    Hope this helps a little....
  • Yes, take the shoes you plan on wearing on your wedding day.  Or at least wear the same height in heel you plan to wear.  This is what I was told when I purchased my dress.  
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  • What if you want to wear heels and then flats later? how would you measure that for fitting?
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