its been a long day with a capital LONG

well it has been the day from hell but atleast i got our invites ordered and all the tuxs picked out after almost 4 hours. it took forever and i am so ready to be done with this wedding stuff. i know most brides love planning but i am going to be a party pooper its not fun. I hope im not the only one having the wedding planning stress out.  

Re: its been a long day with a capital LONG

  • I hear ya.  I was doing the Wedding pretty much by myself and we were going to do a potluck, but there was just soooo much to do and buy and worry about we ended up going with a great caterer. That was a HUGE load off of my shoulders. Not only are they doing our food, but the timeline of events, personal care for the two of us and our wedding partyand taking care of any gifts or cards, the cake, and the decorations. I'm stressed that not everything is going to come together. I feel like I've done so much to begin with and still have tons more to do. But at the end of the day there are the small things that make it seem all worth it. In 6 months today, I'll be marrying my best friend on what would of been my grandparents 61st wedding anniversary.  I hope you get to enjoy some of the planning!!
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  • I too feel your pain! I am planning our entire wedding myself. We booked/paid all of our vendors, bought our chair covers, rented our table clothes, made our centerpieces and everything on our meager budget. I finally realized I'd need to hire a day of coordinator and someone to help with our rehearsal, so I did. this lady is a blessing in disguise..she's doing all of our coordinating, setting up, flowers (she does them out of her home) and buying my centerpieces off of me after the wedding. She also had some smaller items I could rent so I didn't have to buy them and saved me more money. She also does candy bars at a great price and we ended up saving money by hiring her, so we're able to afford to have a candy bar added to the reception as well! Sometimes you have to take help available whether it be a caterer, BM or other bridal party member or family member. It's your day and you don't need to be completely stressed out! I've learned to use the help that's available!

  • Im sorry your so stressed.... I'm not sure how much time you have before your wedding, but after we got the big stuff down, we did only one thing a week so we weren't overwhelmed.  We are down to about 15 weeks and pretty much done and are still stress free!!!!!! Good Luck!
  • thanks ladies. 
    im about 5 months away from the big day. and my FI is helpful its just that lady that we had to deal with. she was not the sharpest tool in the shed and it made me want to flip out on her. im jsut so stressed. 
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