9 months away anything else I need to do right now.

My big day is nine months away

Dress is ordered
Venue is booked
Photograher booked today
Caterer I am meeting with tonight.

I am still looking for a DJ but those seem to be dime a dozen around here.  I need an officiant as well. No Florist yet and haven't even looked yet.    My fiancee is taking care of the cake for the most part.  He is allergic to food coloring.


Re: 9 months away anything else I need to do right now.

  • Are you doing videography?
    I am just under 9 months! I'm working on contacting florists and was thinking to start calling around to dress shops to find out when I should start coordinating my girls to look for bridesmaid dresses.
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  • Are you planning any DIY projects?  Signs, Candy Buffet, programs?  If so, try to get those started.  It's such a relief to get these things done early!

  • I do have a videographer but that is a friend of mind.   He does it for a living and cutting me a nice little break of free.

    We are doing a DIY project but it involves collecting our wine bottles so I need to do that.

    My caterer is booked as of last night.   We are saving big on alchol.  We have to pay for his batendar but we are providing th alchol.  We just have to get it to him the night before the wedding.

    I have no idea what I want for flowers.  I go though so many of them.

    My flower girls are my daughters.  I am not ordering them until 8 weeks before.    That is even what the bridal shop recommended as kids never stop growing.  Nine months from now they could be a completely different size.

    Here are my flower girl dresses  that I am 90% sure I want I just hope they are avaliable 5-6 months from now.
  • Love the flower girl dresses!
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    Hair and makeup artists if you're having someone else do it.  Good ones around my area tend to be booked up well in advance.  They usually won't hold a date unless you book, and you don't want to book until you do a trial and know you like I'd say book those trials!
  • How are you with invitations?  Do you you have updated address for everyone?
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  • I am getting the invitations now.   I had a sample that I loved but decided to change my colors a bit and ordering a couple more samples now.

    btw thanks for the candy buffet idea.   I searched on pintrest and I am in love with the idea.  I have picked up a buch of different clear jars and dishes and still looking for some more.    How fun is it and I love all the fun candy's

    I am getting married at a venue.  My officiant is costing half of what my photographer is costing me.   Is there a trick to finding a good officiant without spending almost 600 dollars on one.  The first three I called where pretty pricey.  One wanted 650 dollars plus traveling fees and 150 for rehersal.

    I found one that I liked  but he is still 575 and 100 for rehearsal but we get a tax thing because he says it goes all towards his ministries.  I would like find one though in the 350 range for everything.

    This is my photography company I have booked.

    I have a hairdresser in mind already.  She is an old friend of mine who use to own a salon but now she rents a space.  I want to see if she will come to my venue where we will be getting ready.

    We orginially had the venue from 4-12pm but I realized I wanted it longer to get ready in their bridal suite.  My fiancee booked it for another 4hrs so we have it from 12-12

    My fiancee went to JOS A Banks today the Tuxedo's have been picked out we they told us to wait until 2-3 months to order is that about right.  

    We started buying alchol.  Our caterer is so great.  We can't take the alchol there but he is allowing us to supply we just drop it off the night before.  This is going to save us big. 

    I am so excited  I know some get stressed out but not me I am having a blast.
  • I have an appointment with my florist in 1hr.  I don't even know what I want for flowers.  I am so clueless on flowers it's not even funny.
  • My flowers are done.   I put my 50% deposit down as well.

    That was so hard to decide what I want and what I needed.  I went over budget at first and had to cut some things out.   But at the end I was 73 dollars over budget mostly because of tax.  So I am cool with that.
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