Bridesmaid-Zilla-Ish (long vent, sorry)

Re: Bridesmaid-Zilla-Ish (long vent, sorry)

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    She's your best friend, but she can't think of anything nice to say to you?  I wouldn't consider someone like that my best friend.  To me, a best friend can accept your differences without making it a Federal case, and even if she doesn't agree with you, she should know how to express it without making you all upset.

    My best friend and I disagree on a lot of things because our tastes and lifestyles are very different, but it's always respectful and neither of us ever leaves with a bad taste in our mouth.  Hopefully, this was an isolated incident for you and that you're able to talk to your best friend and tell her that it's not OK for her to talk to you the way she did.
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