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December Sig Challenge!

Our December Sig Challenge is... Ring(s)!

How to make a sig:
1. choose your picture. upload it onto a photo hosting site- i like photobucket. it's free.
2. click on "update signature" on the side bar.
3. use this code to make your picture show up:
<img src="**" width="180px" />
WITH NO *s. take them out. place the direct link to your photo there. and that's it!
if you want to, you can write(before or after the picture) PS December Siggy Challenge: Ring or something of that nature. totes up to you.
also, you can play with the 180. if you have a wider picture, it might be best to make it about 200 or 220. if you have a taller picture, it might be best to make it smaller. just, please, keep in mind that people will be looking at this for the next month and please don't take up the entire screen!

How to link to your bio:
<a href="**" />planning bio</a />
place the direct link to your bio where the stars are. name is whatever you want to.

to make it skip to the next line, like hitting the "enter" key, simply put in <*br /> once again without the *.
this is also where you would place a ticker from TK- they give you the html for it, it's jsut a copy+paste procedure.

this site is also super helpful:

let me know if there's anything else you need help with, and i'll try my hardest to make it work! :D
if you have a suggestion for Sig Challenges in the future, feel free to PM me about it! DJ is going to make this a sticky so on the first/last day of each month i'll change it up!
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Re: December Sig Challenge!

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