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PSA: SYTTD Plus Size

SYTTD Big Bliss is on TLC right now :-)

Re: PSA: SYTTD Plus Size

  • I've never seen that show. I was a bad bride.

  • haha, I don't actually normally watch it, but I spent half the morning watching Brides of Beverly Hills so apparently I'm in wedding dress mode today
  • These shows always leave me feeling kind of disapointed.  Same with the wedding planning shows.  The cheapest brides on SYTTD have a budget of $1,000 or higher.  I've never seen a bride with a budget under 1,000.  I'd rather see women with more realistic budgets. 

    Wedding planning shows are worse.  They seem to cater to people who can afford 100k+ weddings only.  I'm sorry, but I don't give a crap about some snotty bridezilla who wants to have pearls, and gold leaf dropped into her sig cocktail at her nitrogen station.  This does not help me plan my wedding.  It just disgusts me. 
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  • I love Big Bliss to an extent. The unrealistic budget doen't help much but some of the dresses irk me in a way too. I don't know how to explain why some irk me but I watch it nonetheless because it's addicting. My favorite show though on TLC along with SYTTD is Four Weddings. For a while I wanted to compete on that show with my FI's old roommates since they are always trying to top our wedding even though I don't talk to them about weddings or anything.
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