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I'm sure I could have posted this elsewhere, but I trust my plus size ladies! My fiance and I are on a tight budget and I am having difficulty in figuring out what to give my BM's as a gift. Another thing that makes this difficult, is that they are all so very different from another in age (16-26), personality (outgoing, partygirl, single mom), etc. Needless to say I need help!! Any suggestions would be great!!

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  • I put pearls on these cute frames I got at Michaels for $1 each, and decorated them, and I am going to put pics of us in each of them
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    Shop for each of your girls as if it's their birthday/christmas. Get them something that is personal and within their interests. 

    I personally am not a fan of the monogrammed/matching gifts, but if that's what your girls will like, go for it. And just remember that anything for your wedding (hair, makeup, jewelry, clothing) isn't a gift for them, as it is required for your wedding.

    I am getting my girls things that involve their interests:
    Harry Potter necklace, 
    Super Mario scarf, 
    Leatherbound journal or baking things such as muffin cups and the bakerella book, Mani/Pedi gift card, 
    Gift card to favourite clothing store, 
    Zombie clutch (lol), 
    Inspirational quote necklace
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  • Yes, I agree with the PP. Shop for each of them as if it were their birthday or Christmas. I don't really like matchy matchy or monogrammed items since I don't think it's likely that every girl would like the same item.
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  • I agree with every one else.  Get them each a gift that they will enjoy.  It doesn't have to be the same item for each. 

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  • This may be unpopular but if you're on a tight budget you don't HAVE to get them anything FOR the wedding. I would do something nice for them sometime after the wedding once finances have evened out again.

    I also think it might be a fun idea to do a spa/relaxation day if you have the funds for it.
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