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*I also posted this on A&A, but you ladies are all awesome, so if anyone doesn't head over there, I figured I'd XP it here so I can get all the opinions I can* 
I need help. I won't be able to try on my dress until I get home in May, but I'm starting to think about what I'm going to wear as far as jewelry goes. This is me in the sample dress that I tried on in the store in December (its two sizes too small). I also have a fingertip length veil and a small flower for my hair. I'm wondering what other kinds of accessories people would recommend. Oh, and I'm trying to decide whether or not I should wear my glasses on my wedding day. I wear them every day, but I've only had glasses for the last year of my life, so it's a relatively new look for me. I will probably be wearing my hair in a low updo like this: (I found it on pinterest). 
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  • Looking at the dress (which is lovely on you, btw) and everything, I would say a shorter crystal necklace and some matching semi-dangle earings would complete the look.

    I would wait on the glasses until you can see what it will look like with the whole outfit put together.  The only downfall I could see would be reflections/glare off of you glasses when people are trying to take pictures.
  • I'm wearing my glasses, but then I've been wearing them daily for about 20 years :) Very pretty dress.  How would you normally accesorize?  Do you like big earrings? Simple items?  You could go either all blingy or maybe pearls if you want to keep it more understated. 

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    The glasses thing is awkward on me because I feel like when I take them off I look really nice, especially when I get dressed up, BUT, I also feel like when I'm wearing them I'm just starting to feel like they're part of my daily appearance, so taking them off feels weird. On the one hand it's not too bad because I've gone most of my life without wearing glasses, but on the other hand it's to the point where when I do take them off now it takes me a few minutes to adjust to my appearance without them. 

    My normal accessories are an understated necklace, a medical bracelet, my engagement ring, and a ring from my parents. I don't usually wear earrings because they hurt my ears, but I LOVE them, so I would like to see if I can find some for the wedding, at least for pictures and the ceremony. It's one of those things where I love jewelry but I don't want to pick things that are going to totally clash with my dress or overwhelm me. Sometimes I have a tendency to go overboard with things, and I definitely don't want to do that on my wedding day. 
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    If you feel that you look really nice without your glasses, then don't wear them... but of course make sure you can see.  Also, I have seen some photos of brides with glasses, were you can see a reflection or glare in the glass.  Just something to consider.  

    As far as accessories, if you like pearls I think pearls would look lovely with your dress.

    Here some stuff I found on ETSY:

    Hope you like!

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