Hairstyles for Plus Size Bride

I am going to my first trial on Tuesday and am unsure how I should do my hair.  I feel like I would be most comfortable with my hair down or half up, but being that my wedding is in late June I feel it may be too hot for this.  

Anyone have any advice which kind of hairstyle looks best on a plus size girl (I'm size 16-18)?

Re: Hairstyles for Plus Size Bride

  • What is the neckline of your dress like?
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  • Also, what is your face shape? I am plus sized with a heart-shaped face (think Reese Witherspoon pointy chin).
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  • I am personally going with a swoop hair do in a dirty bun almost like this...this is my sister in law on her wedding day and her brother, my fiance... I have a fluffy square face.

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  • You should do whatever hairstyle you like. Have you thought about having a trial run just to see how you look?
  • Your hair stylist should be able to give you some great options that will look great on you.  You just have to decide which one you like best.  I know alot of plus size girls don't like to wear their hair up because they are a bit self conscious (believe me... I'm one of them).  but wearing your hair up can actually elongates your neck and can thin you out a bit.  When you go for your trial, try wearing a top that has a similar neckline as your dress so you can get a better idea of how it will look!!! Good Luck, let us know what you go with!!
  • I would love to wear my hair up but am super self conscious about my arms, so that being said...

    I am wearing my hair curly and down. I have a mid length veil and am wearing clip in extensions so that my hair will cover the part of my arms I am so worried about.

    Like PP said, sometimes up-do's can make you appear thinner, but I like the way my hair looks with my particular dress worn down. As always though, YMMV.
  • Thanks girls, for the input.

    My dress is strapless, I have an oval/round face, and my hair is halfway down my back and super thick...

    Since I posted this I actually broke my foot... So, since the wedding is less than 5 weeks away, I may have to go with all the way up because I may be hopping around on crutches!
  • Oh Boy... how did you do that takefeline??  hope it heals soon, by 5 weeks you might be able to get around with a walking cast. 
  • I think either all up unless thats super heavy or front up back down would still work with crutches. Stinks about your foot. I have broken bones in my foot twice and they seem to take forever to heal. Is that an English Bulldog in your photo? I have one too!
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  • I hope you heal quickly!

    I am a size 18 with a rounder face. I have a strapless dress and a cathedral-length veil. I am wearing my hair (dark, thick, mid-shoulder blade in length) in curls and down, but pulling a little away from my face. I find that it softens my features and elongates my face, making it look thinner. I hope that helps!
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