To the married ladies...

I have few of questions for you about your wedding day and married life.  

1)  When did you take your photos?  Before, or after the ceremony?  Anything you wish you told the photographer before hand?  

2) Any stressful points in your wedding day? If so, do you think they could have been prevented?  

3)  Any tips you would give to a bride that they may not even think about?

4) Are there any wedding gifts that you registered for that you would recommend to other brides?  For example, something that you received that you now couldn't live without.  (that is if you did register, or any gifts in general) 

5) What did you do the first few days after your wedding?  Did you go on a honeymoon?  Go back to work?

I'm just curious on your wedding day experiences.  Feel free to add!  

Thanks in advance!

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