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Huge checks on this Thanksgiving weekend

Hi guys. Finally home after a long but great weekend. This is my update 2 weeks (yikes) before the wedding.

We picked up my dress from the alterations and it fit so well! The cardigan looks great with it and my mom sewed on appliqués that perfectly match the dress. Great find!

I also discovered my new favorite store called Dustees. I got my flowers hair pins there which my mom is adding some of the extra beads from my dress for a little extra sparkle :). I also found a super cute bracelet of fake pearls that match the pearl necklace a family friend is allowing me to use as my something borrowed.

Backstory on the family friend. She and my mom walk together every day. Her oldest son by chance was my pen pal when I was in second grade and he was in the marines during dessert storm and we've kept in touch all these years. Her daughter was my oldest sister best friend in high school. She passed away 2 years ago from a brain tumor at 33. So sad. The friend has struggled but said the other day she has been happier lately helping with the wedding. She remembers me at her daughters wedding so feels like tiffany is a part of it as well since she loved weddings.

Ok back on subject.
We found champaign flutes at pier1 that match my invites and happened to find on clearance a drink server that looks just like an old fashioned milk jug to use for hot chocolate which matches the rustic cabin style reception. My middle sister is loaning me a red porcelain pot for the cider.

I spoke to the photographer and she sounds so great. We like the same things and are on the exact same page for the wedding pics. She is my sisters partners sister (confused yet? Ha) so is charging us 200 total for all the wedding and prep time 100 pics, cd, and photo book and later our "post engagement pics and my rock the dress (50 pics and some enlarged) plus all the editing. I need to find a special gift for her to thank her

Sorry so long but it was a great weekend and am feeling so much less stress with 2 weeks to ago.

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