So excited!!!

I just got photos in from the last of my bridesmaids. All three of my bridesmaids have dresses that fit, and I am now within the 3 month mark of my wedding! 

This is after an ordeal of David's Bridal only having 1 bridesmaid dress in a size that was even close to fitting my girls in order to try on, so we basically ordered blind. Then they had to custom make the color. Plus one girl ordered the size that they told her to, it was wayyyyyy too big, so she had to send it back, have it re-made, and it took an extra 2 months before it came back in again. My last bridesmaid took a month longer to order her dress than the other two girls and I was afraid that if she had the same issue with sizing then it wouldn't come in on time, but it turns out it was fine. Anyway, long story short, all three dresses are in, in a lovely color, and fit my girls perfectly :) YAY! 
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