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So I'm getting married in July and I still do not have a dress. I'am having so much anxiety about getting a dress that it is physically making me sick. First im plus size i keep hearing all these bad stories about not finding a dress for plus size, second my mom lives in Ohio and can be in Omaha to go with me ( tear) and my bridal party they all say they have something to do this weekend. So i guess I will go alone and hope and pray for the best. This is so stressful for me. I have everything else for my wedding done but my dress.

Re: Dress Shopping!

  • Well, reading on here, I say there are plenty of plus-sized brides who have found perfect dresses!  So I wouldn't stress over it.  It may take you a little longer, but you'll find something you love and looks awesoome on you!

    As for going alone, do you have any other friends that are able to go with you?  It doesn't have to be a relative or BM, it can be anyone you're friends with that is willing to go.

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  • Don't stress! This is supposed to be a fun time! If you can't find anyone to go with you, see if the dress store can take pics of you in the dresses so you can send your mom your favorites. Then I suggest going back when you have a friend or two available and retry on your favorites to get their opinions. Laughing
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  • Thanks I go Friday. When I came to this board I see alot of you ladies had no problem so that gives me hope.
  • I had a great experience dress shopping...I had no problem finding plus size dresses.  and believe me, i was very stressed before i actually went.  i was all worked up for nothing!!

    Good luck and have fun!!
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  • I went by myself the first time because I had NO idea what I was looking for. I narrowed it down to my favorite 5-6 and then a few of my BM's went back with me, basically to stuff me into every puffy dress they could find. But in all honesty, I knew which dress I was going to pick before I went the second time, I just wanted them to be involded. Dont worry about it too much. Have a consultant take pics (if you are allowed) to show your mom and help you choose if you can't make the decision on your own. The consultants will help you a lot. They were very nice to me and never once did I feel fat.

    Good luck and we want to see pics too!
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  • Honestly, I enjoyed going dress shopping by myself for the first time. I didn't really know what I was looking for and it allowed me to look around without letting others influence me. Go and enjoy yourself and let it be stress free! Once you sort of figure out what you like, then see if someone can come along so you can get a second opinion the next time :)
  • I had no problem finding a dress I like, and I'm pretty big. I think youll be fine.

    best of luck.

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