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Hello ladies 
i ordered hair extentions today. they are 20 inches long and i was just wondering if any of you guys had tried them. they are remi human hair and i guess that is the best kind. i just wanted thicker hair since my hair has begain to thin in the past year or so. let me know what you guys think and how you do your hair with them in. 

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    Im anxious to see the replies to this! Im debating on ordering some myself. I suggest posting in Wedding Beauty. The MOD there wore extensions for her wedding
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    I have remi hair extensions, and I wear them almost every day.  If they are longer than your natural hair, make sure you order enough of them to match the thickness of your natural hair (I have thick hair, so only one set made it look stringy at the bottom.  Having two sets fixed that though).  They were a great purchase, I really reccomend them, just make sure you practice with them, if they're the clip in kind, because you'll find some positions are more comfortable than others. 
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    Thank you. My hair is pretty thin so im not too worried about them being too thin. 
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    I bought them for my wedding and am super excited about them!  My hair person, but them in my hair after she got them and they looked awesome.  They definitely look great and natural if put in well.
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    did you get the remi ones? or fake ones?
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    I've gotten hair extensions many times. Like previous posters have said. If youre getting long ones then it would be wise to make sure you get enough to match thickness. And i suggest you entertain the idea of getting them cut to blend with your hair. I love extensions.
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