Dress is too small :(

I need ot know if any of you ladies have advice or experience with this.  I am about a size 14 in pants and usually a 16 in most wedding dresses (built fairly proportionate).  I ordered my dress in a size 14 planning on losing some weight before the wedding (I know BIG mistake).  I was doing great and then I got a new job and gained some back.

Right now my wedding is less than two months away and my dress is too small.  It is very fitted and needs to be taken out probably about two inches in the entire bodice.  I am back to losing weight and will hopefully lose another 15+ pounds before the wedding, but don't want to stress about if I can't.

I gues my question is, do you know how much they can take a dress out?  Should I be freking out and looking for a dress to buy off the rack right now as a back up?  Or, should I relax because I will be amazed by what I seamstress can do?  I have no idea what to think!

Here is me in the dress to give you an idea on fit and shape:

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Re: Dress is too small :(

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    If your dress is zippered then you should ask about putting in the lace up back instead. it ranges from $65-$125, just depends on the person. it'll give you like 3-4 inches and if you end up loosing some weight just pull the laces tight. i think the lace up back adds a little somethin to the dress anyways Wink dress is beautiful by the way. looks amazing on you.

    oh wait, it is a lace up. just throw on some spanx or a waist sincher and you'll be ok. or see if they can get a bigger fabric panel and thicker ribbon/ ties and just say its supposed to be like that. cant even tell it doesnt fit though.

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  • i am in your position from a bit of a different angle, i bought my dress the size i was and then gained weight because of medication i was on and had to have my dress reordered in an 18w! i would say, from my experience go in for alterations ASAP because you never know how long it will take them to finish it. my dress will probably not be returned to me after alterations that have to be done to the bigger dress inevitably until about 3 days before the wedding. crisis! if you are losing weight i wish you the best of luck, but i was planning on exchanging for a smaller NOT BIGGER dress but in the end it didn't work out that way. especially with your wedding on the horizon, if you do lose enough weight where you wouldnt have needed to have it taken out, you can always lace it supertight in back.
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