too quiet we need some Wednesday Wedding Chatter!

Hi Ladies-
I just got back to reading the board after I had my gallbladder surgery 
And thank you too all the ladies who gave me their stories - it helped a lot... all went well was worried over nothing, was up and about the next day just tired and a bit achy and now I have 4 sexy scars  :P
Now i am back and into Bride Mode - This weekend I went bra shopping and had a girly day with my MOH/SIL, I just got the proofs of my invites, wedding band shopping is planned for this weekend  and on the 9th is my Engagement photo session:) I am having the OMGosh it is real & i love him so much feeling!!! and i cant wait :)

What is everyone else up to ??
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Re: too quiet we need some Wednesday Wedding Chatter!

  • I am doing post wedding things. Working on getting my name changed and getting everything organized. Still trying to recover from the honeymoon and getting back to normal life. Also adjusting to being a Mrs. instead of a Miss.
  • Glad your feeling better eastside!  We got our invitations back from the printers!! yeah!  I set my first fitting appointment, which made me freak out a little bit.... good news is, after 6 months on the hanger, my dress still fits perfectly!!! I now am starting to hear whispers about my shower.. It is all becoming so real..
  • Congrats on your successful surgery! I'm sitting here at work taking little breaks here and there. My FI graduated on Saturday and I can't seem to get him off the iPad I bought him for a present! Our new car, which we bought about four months ago, got dinged up by some idiot and now we have to figure out how we're gonna pay to get it fixed, ugh.
  • Thanks!
    and once you settle down MRS mancila60 we all need updates!!!! So excited to find out  how it all went and how wonderful the honeymoon was... we are still planing ours - I want 2 being a spoild princess - Disney World right after in Oct then Alaska in May - but might have to accpet the finacial reality of just one :P but not giving in yet lol
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  • I'm likewise working on my invites. I am DIYing them and the ONLY portion I sent out to a professional printer (the RSVP postcard - pretty tough to DIY because it's double sided) looks AWFUL so now I'm going to attempt to print them myself (even though I wanted to avoid that!). Going to try and do it tonight after work and then finish assembling. I'd like to mail them out Monday (it'll be a huge check!).
  • Good luck on all the invites and other activities ladies!  I am stressing because I haven't packed for the honeymoon yet.  We are leaving the morning after the wedding.  So instead of packing I am playing around on facebook and the knot.

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  • bruna29bruna29 member
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    Hi ladies. I haven't been around much lately. FI and I decided to push back the wedding for awhile since we're going through some personal things right now, so I probably won't be on here as much. I hope everyone has a great week!
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  • @ bekah717 - hope you have a wonderful day, and a great honeymoon!

    @ justdance - congratulations on your graduation!! now you will be able to plan without all the stresses of school!
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