Yay! More work for me :/

First off, GOOD MORNING!

Ok, so my aunts want to host a brunch for me and FH the day after the wedding, which is AWESOME and i am super appreciative of. However... I was talking to my mom and she basically told me that i have include the invitations to the brunch in with the wedding invitations. I`m not too pleased with that. I emailed my aunt and asked her how she would like to invite people, and if she says to include it in the invites, i`ll have to do it. What this means is i have to get another invitiation designed by my friend who is doing our wedding invites, pay for more printing, make sure ONLY family gets the brunch invitation and also try and keep track of who is coming to the brunch. It basically adds twice the work for me when it comes to keeping track of a guestlist... I already don`t like having to do that.

I am extrememly grateful that my aunts are offering to do this for me, but isn`t it kind of up to them to invite people? I can of course give them a guest list, but if they`re hosting shouldn`t it be their responsibility to send out invitations and keep track? I really don`t know how all this stuff works...
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