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i think im caving in and hiering a wedding planner. my In laws to be are trying to take everything over and im sick of it. I want simple and country. and above all SMALL on everything but the wedding. and i dont expect my parents to pay for everything since we have half the guest they do. all im asking is for them to pitch in a little bit. but i dont want to sound like a bitch. one of my brides maids is amazing and does wedding planning. and she said that she could be the one to hand the bills to people. im so stressed with this and other personal things i just want to say the hell with it. ladies please help me


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    I'm sorry you're having such a rough time. Technically since your FILs are helping pay, they do have a say in the wedding and reception. So do your parents (if they are helping with money as well). I know it sucks to have to listen and implement their ideas into your wedding, but that's what happens when you let someone else help pay.

    You have two options as far as I can tell:
    1. Pay for your own wedding yourself without their help. Then you can do whatever you want without having to listen to what they want.
    2. Suck it up and deal with it. You'll have to do some of what they want you to do because they are helping pay for it. 

    You could always stop talking wedding with them (whenever they ask you a question, give a general answer and try and change the subject), but since they are helping you pay for the wedding, they do get a say. I'm sorry.

    Edited: changed parents to FILs. I didn't know who was helping pay at first.
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  • Agree with previous poster.  Hiring a wedding planner isn't going to solve your problem. Your future in laws will still have a say in what happens, since they are contributing money to your wedding.

    If you don't have the same vision for your wedding, get your fiance together with his parents and say "parents, we have a different vision for the wedding, so we have decided to cover the expenses for our wedding ourselves, but we appreciate you being so willing to help.

  • The thing is they arent helping pay. and all i want if for people to respect what my FI and i want 
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