Have you guys ever dumped a friend? Or even worse, a Bridesmaid?

I had to do this recently, and I feel like a B-I-T-C-you-know-what. Things were getting ugly, and I shouldn't have made her a part of the BP in the first place. She was a bit of a zilla when it came to the wedding, but overall she was a friend that took advantage me for 2 years.

Has anyone had to dump a bridesmaid? how did you handle it?
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Re: Dumping.

  • I did...and after a couple of months, I relize it was the best thing I ever did.  I had been friends with this girl for over 20 years and the whole friendship was based on her needs and how she could use me, manipulate me and take advantage of me.  She was never there when I needed her and never appreciated anything I did for her.  While I felt like a bitch when everything first went down, I now feel pretty good because I finally stood up for myself and I ended a very toxic friendship.  I know I am better off without her as a friend and I am sure she believes she is better off without me as her friend too. 
  • If you are ready to end the friendship, go ahead and tell them that they are no longer in the bridal party.  Sometimes that's the best thing, is to go against  what is considered proper.
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    Thanks, ladies. this helps a LOT. renjon, it was a similar situation for me- it was extremely toxic. I do feel better now that its done, I just feel like its a truly mean thing to do... but I guess its for the best
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  • Dumping a friend is or not.  I had to do it about a year ago to someone whom I considered to be one of my best friends when I found out that she was trying to break up my relationship.  Granted I met him through her, years previously and she was upset that I was not confiding in her the details of our relationship.  I knew he was sharing with her and I didn't feel right about us BOTH talking to her.  She got mad and did her best to break us up because of it and her jealousy of me having something she didn't. 

    It was absolutely the best thing I could have done.  I have found out since that she was bad mouthing me to everyone, but especially her male friends that expressed an interest in me.  I should have known she was doing it since she had done it to everyone else....I foolishly thought that our friendship meant more.  I was wrong.
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