Thank you for the T&P....

I just wanted to say thank you to all of you.... It means alot to know that even though we dont really know each other, you were all thinking of me and my family during this time.... I knew there are still good people in this world... LOL   Thank you for all your prayers, and words of encouragement... we are all doing "OK"....  I am very sad that she wont be able to be a part of my BIG DAY, but I figured out a way to honor her.... My aunt was ALWAYS working  jigsaw puzzles.... almost every memory I have from when I was little, that includes her, is helping her with those dang things....  SO.... I have decided to make my guestbook a puzzle....  I am going to paint the pieces white on 1 side and dark on the other.... and my guests will sign the pieces.... After our big day, my FI and I can put the puzzle together while reading the names and wishes that are written on them, then once it is together, we will frame it and hang it in our home..... This way it will remind me of my aunt everytime I look at it, simply because it is a jigsaw puzzle, and it will seem like she played a part in my Wedding day..... and still be unique, and meaningful with our guests names on it as well..... I am SO EXCITED!!!  But I will miss her so much!! :(
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Re: Thank you for the T&P....

  • what a wonderful way to remember her...
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  • I absolutely adore this idea! I'm sorry for your loss but this is a great way to include her in your day.
  • Wow that is an awesome way to remember her! And really creative. She would love that. Sending more prayers and hugs your way!
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  • Awww.... You guys like it??? YAY!!!!  Thank you guys!!!!

    I really wanted to do something special.... I think this will be the PERFECT way!!!
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  • It sounds like a really great way to remember her.  Hugs, sorry for your loss.  I was looking through Etsy the other day for different types of guest books and actually saw a few puzzle piece ones.

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  • That sounds like a really cool idea. :) And a great way to remember your aunt.

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  • Thanks guys.... I cant take all the credit for this idea.... obviously, Im not the first person to use the puzzle for my guest book.... I actually got the idea from a girl on the DIY board.... And I had seen it before but never really thought about it, til this happened.... then I was thinking maybe it would be a good way to honor her and make her a special part of Our Wedding Day, since she cant be there physically.... :)
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