Changing from Zipperback a good idea?

I ordered a dress online that was only $50 to find.... it didn't fit right..... :( It is my dream dress and it was in the largest size available. Even if I lose a bunch of weight, it will still be too small in the bust. A few people told me it could be changed to a corset-back and have a panel put in it to allow the 3-4 inches extra room I need. (I think it was that much, it just wouldn't zip past the base of my bra.) I also thought of wearing a corset, but I will be dressing myself. Help???? I don't hae much leway with funding to buy a new one......

Re: Changing from Zipperback a good idea?

  • Depending on the construction, it could be converted to a corset back.

    I'd take it to a seamstress to find out for sure :-) 
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  • Definitely take it to a seamstress. Whether it can be converted or not really depends on the dress. Only the seamstress could tell you with confidence if it will work or not. Good luck!
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  • I'm getting mine converted so I have room either way but putting it on myself would be impossible.
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  • If you're going with a corset back, you need someone to help you into it, espically if you have a large chest.  Do you not have a BM or relative that can help you into it on your wedding day?

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  • My dress was a corset back.  My FI had to help me get dressed because we eloped and there was no one else.  He had not seen the dress previously so that was his first look.  It worked for us but I can see how it might not work for others.
  • I went to a last chance 'off the rack' bridal shop - they offered to convert any dress within reason to a corset (i think 2 or 4 dress sizes)- but things to think about - does it have a pattern or design that will get distorted? will this change the look of the dress too much?  anything can be done at a price so is it worth it?
    i did find a dress i liked there for $600 not love and the alteration est for an 18 to a 22 was around $200 - so i am still looking.
    Good luck and i am sure you will he gorgeous!
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  • I would definitely talk to a seamstress and get a quote - it's a lot of work and depending on where you go, can be pretty pricey.
  • I'm doing this because I needed about 3" when I tried on my dress (in the largest size it came in.) I like the look if it but it would be impossible to get into by myself. Definitely consult a professional! 
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  • Talk to a professional
  • I may have help from my MoH, but she isn't really good with delecate fabrics....
  • most dresses can be made to a corset back i was quoated like $50 to $100 to have it done. just do your homework. and see what can be done. good luck. 
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